Friday, May 15, 2009

Black Out

Do you like our new curtains for Morgan's room? Hee hee. These are just temporary to solve our "light" issue in Morgan's room. A few weeks ago she started waking up earlier and earlier (i.e. 5:30 am) when the sun is now coming up. Seeing as at the height of the Summer the sun comes up at about 4:30 am, something needed to be done. A friend of mine is getting us a great deal on a "black out" roller shade, but in the meantime the towels have worked well for us. Morgan has been sleeping until at least 7:00 am, sometimes later...and also has been taking longer naps in the afternoon. Yay! She must be really sensitive to the light while sleeping.
Also, please note the mess in the corner of the room. Morgan likes to remove all books from any bookshelf she finds. It is a daily ritual for her to pull them out, and for Mommy to put them back at night. We're glad she loves her books though, so that makes it worth it.

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