Thursday, April 30, 2009

The milk thief strikes again!

So, the milk thief struck again this morning! For the second time, one of the caregivers from the childcare at the gym came into my yoga class to ask if Morgan had any allergies. She had swiped someone else's sippy cup...again. Apparently she pulled a bunch of things off a shelf as well. This is her thing lately. First thing every morning she pulls every book off her shelves in the bonus room. Then she steps on them and slips all over. What a goof.

Another item from the childcare today...I went to pick her up when my class was over and she was sitting on the floor with some other girls. One of the caregivers said "she's playing with the big girls." Sure enough, There were about six girls who were 3 or 4 years old and Morgan. They were all gathered around a little doll bed playing together. One of the bigger girls stood behind Morgan and was patting her on the head. It was like she was their little mascot. She seemed very pleased with herself to be a part of their group. She was so involved in whatever they were doing, it took me longer than usual to get her attention. Hey, you...Mommy's here. What a difference from a few months ago though. I'm so happy she has a good time there, whoever she spends her time playing with.

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