Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walking Everywhere!

Since I opened up more space for Morgan to walk upstairs she's been walking everywhere! She's still a little wobbly, but going longer distances and getting braver. Yesterday I brought her downstairs and went to make some cookies. She toddled herself all over the living and dining room. It was hilarious to see her just stroll on into the kitchen to see what was going on! A few times she was "playing" in her room by herself (I check on her every five minutes or so). I would call her name from the bonus room and she'd come walking on out of her room with a book or her Lovey (retrieved from the crib) in her hands. She really is figuring out how easy it is to carry things while walking instead of trying to drag them along while crawling. She's still working on standing from sitting down, but for now she needs to pull herself up on something (furniture, wall, etc.) to get herself going. It's really amazing the progress she's made in just about three days.

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