Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Weekend and Beyond

We had an event-filled weekend here in Spokane. It started off with a Shock Game on Friday night. We all had a great time! The Shock won which made it that much better. We didn't know how the night would go since the games this season start at 7:00 pm. Morgan's bedtime is normally about 7:30 pm so we weren't sure how she would do. Well... we think Morgan will be a night owl since she went strong all night. No tantrums or tired fussiness all night. I think she was just fascinated by all the action, the other kids and everything else that was going on around her. Sadly I forgot my camera, but we'll be sure to have it next time. She even got to walk all over the field when the game was over. I kept having to keep her from getting too close to the big kids playing football. I think she wanted to join in!

Saturday we slept in (ahhh!), well, if you call Morgan waking at 7:30 am instead of 7:00 pm sleeping in. David offered to get up with her so I could sleep longer. Morgan certainly did better than I did Friday night. I was beat. There's another game on Saturday and David is taking a friend. I can't do that two weeks in a row. Maybe if I wasn't pregnant... . We had our neighbors over for dinner that night and went to church in the morning. Here is a shot of Morgan passed out for her nap after church. She didn't move an inch! This is very unusual. She's graduated to the "walkers" room at the church nursery and they had them playing with bubbles and doing all kinds of activities. When we picked her up she was all wet. I thought maybe they hadn't changed her diaper, but they said it was from the bubbles. David changed her clothes and diaper anyway (she was also wearing a Pull-up...odd). She had fun though. That's all that counts.

Sleeping Beauty
We have had some absolutely GLORIOUS weather here the past few days. It really does a lot to brighten every one's moods, especially after a cold, dark winter. Sunday evening we got out for a walk. There was a slight chill, but nice overall. Morgan went for a ride in her pink car! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa A!

Just leaving the house

On the Centennial Trail

David likes to push her really fast towards the camera. I managed to get a little smile.

We stopped at a bench along the way. Here are a few shots of Morgan and Daddy watching the water in the river.

Our sweet girl
Monday and Tuesday were even more glorious. Warmer and really Spring-like. We decided to go for another walk this evening and I though I'd even put Morgan in a sundress she'd never worn before. She looked so cute! Her hair has also gotten just long enough on the top for a bow. I'm surprised she hasn't pulled it off. Honestly I'm not sure she knows it's there.

With Mommy when we got home from our walk. Check out Mommy's new short hair. I finally got brave enough to really chop it off! I was in a silly mood and decided to wear one of Morgan's bows too.

Don't I look all grown up?!

Can't stop taking pictures....

And...we can't forget Lovey!! Hi Lovey!


KDuLong said...

Awww - that dress is so cute!

barbara said...

Great pics! She sure does look all grown up in that sundress and love both hairdos. Ahh, Spring at last.

Berri said...

Thanks for all the great pics! It looks like it's warmer there than it is in Santa Barbara!