Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Morgan's friend Elijah and his Mama, Migdalia came over on Saturday night to watch the Shock game. They were playing in Boise and we planned on watching the game via streaming video on the computer. We had a great time! We barbecued some burgers and Morgan and Elijah played while we gathered around the computer monitor.

Elijah loved the "popping" toy. It is similar to a lawn mover toy he has at home. Morgan is holding her favorite book of the moment, "Moo Moo Brown Cow."

Don't you love Elijah's Shock jersey?! It has his name on the back.

David and Migdalia glued to the monitor. The Shock won!

The highlight of the evening. The kids in their jammies. They were showing each other how they can blow kisses!

It looks like Morgan is kissing Elijah's hand...but most likely she is licking it. Yuck!

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