Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby vs. Lovey

Morgan at 6 weeks old with "Lovey"

This morning with her new "baby"

Morgan loves her "Lovey"! It is a soft little security blanket that has a bunny head and a little blanket for the body. She's had it with her in her crib since she was about 6 months old.
Yesterday we took a trip to Toy R Us. I had to return a few things, so we browsed a little too. We passed by the baby dolls and Morgan got a BIG smile on her face. I had bought her a doll a little after her first birthday, but did not give it to her because she started a terrible round of teething and was chewing on everything she could get her hands on. Yesterday I decided it was time to give her the doll. We needed to start some "baby training" too. I was curious to see how she would play with the doll.

So, when we got home I pulled the doll out of the closet along with a toy stroller a friend gave her for her birthday. Once she got ahold of the "baby"she immediately hugged it, then either kissed, or licked her head. Hmmm. I told her she needed to be gentle with the baby and she complied by hugging her and kissing her head some more. I think she was just placating me, because later in the day she showed her true colors.

Enter the Lovey. Yesterday I also decided to move Morgan's gate to the top of the stairs instead of the door to the bonus room. I left her bedroom door open, but closed the other doors upstairs. She had so much fun playing in her room. She "read" her books. She also took to walking the whole length of the hallway. She's never had such freedom before!! So, her Lovey usually just sits in her crib waiting for naps and bedtime. Now that Morgan can play in her room, she's been bringing Lovey out to play from time to time. The first time she brought "him" out (I don't know why we call it a "him" since it's pink) she headed straight to the doll stroller, forcefully threw the doll on the floor and put lovey in the stroller. I think we have some work to do. It may take a while for Morgan to warm up to the baby doll. Lovey certainly reigns supreme at this point.
This morning Morgan played in her room for a bit. I was in the bonus room and called her name a few times. Out Morgan came with Lovey in her arms. She had retrieved him from her crib again. She made sure that I said hello to Lovey and off she went to play some more. So cute. We'll keep working on the "baby" though.


KDuLong said...

That is too cute! Soon she'll have lovey and baby kissing though, don't worry ;)

Sharlene Enloe said...

I love hearing the baby lovey saga! Little girls are so fun. It is crazy that she is getting so old. Will I see you on Friday?