Thursday, March 19, 2009

15 Month Dr. Appointment

We just got home from Morgan's "15 Month" Well Baby appointment. The Doctor said she's looking good! Here are her stats...note: somebody must have not been too accurate with the length measurement at her 12 month appt., because it was exactly the same this time. I watched her do it too, so I know this time it was correct.

Weight: 25 lbs. 2.5 oz.
Length: 32 inches
Head Circ: 47 cm

So, she really is slowing on the growth curve, finally. Her height and weight are now in the 75th percentile (bye bye 90th). I think her head's still high up there, but the Dr. didn't give us a percentile.

The Dr. was happy she's walking now, though Morgan wouldn't demonstrate...but I don't think I'd want to try to walk on the cold laminate floor in only a diaper either. The Dr. trusted us. I was concerned about her verbal communication, but the Dr. said her overall non-verbal communication was really good, so she thinks the words will start coming soon. Morgan says Duck (duh), Good Girl and Wow just like she did at her 12 month appt. She has only added an "EIEIO." Most of these are more repetitious than real words. She's got all kinds of new sounds though, so she's getting there.

Morgan also showed the Dr. that she knew where her nose and belly button are. She started doing this (when asked) in just the last two weeks. The Dr. said that shows she understands what we are saying and asking of her and that is most important.

She did get two shots today so there were some tears. She quieted pretty quickly when we gave her a cup of juice. Sweet stuff helps everything. I gave her some Motrin when we got home and I'll keep an eye on her for any reactions. Sometimes she gets tired sooner, so we may enjoy a long nap today, yay!

So overall she is doing well, no concerns at all. On to the next appointment at 18 Months.

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Sharlene Enloe said...

I can't believe she is already 15 months! Congrats on girly #2 by the way.