Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa B Visit, Part 1

Let's see if I can get this posted before Morgan wakes up from her nap. I will have a few posts on Grandma and Grandpa B's visit. We had a nice time. We didn't go out much as it's still pretty cold here, but as I was looking through the pictures (thanks G&G!) we kept ourselves pretty busy.

Grandma bought Morgan a few new books. She loves this one with the bright colors and pretty pictures.

Morgan walking to Grandpa

This is the "scrunchy face" Morgan makes for the red eye flash on Grandpa's camera.

Walking to Mama

Walking to Daddy, with a big hug at the end! Also, notice the baby "mullet." I just can't bear to cut her hair yet. David can't wait!

It looks like she's running...but she's walking to Mama. Please excuse my no makeup and old glasses. Ugh.
As you can see, Morgan finally had a breakthrough and started doing some real walking the day that Grandma and Grandpa B arrived. In fact, it was right before we left for the airport that she took about 6-7 steps. She'd only done about 1-2 steps in a row before. We've been waiting a long time! Apparently it is completely normal for some kids to not walk until up to 18 months. She just didn't show much interest until recently. Since these pictures were taken (a week ago), she is getting even braver, going longer distances. It seems she doesn't have to concentrate quite as hard either. She was so hesitant before. We're so proud of her!!!

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tsimmet said...

Morgan gets cuter every day...I wouldn't worry too much about talking and walking...Patrick was a later starter, too...I think he was close to 18 months for walking...trudy