Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Hugs

I think I mentioned in a recent post how Morgan has been learning how to give hugs. I'll put her on my lap and say "give Mama a hug" and she'll lean in with her arms out. It is so sweet! Lately when she's been walking back and forth between David and I she'll give a final "leap" into our arms for a big hug. Oh...yes, she's walking now. Not full time yet, but she's getting braver every day.

Back to the hugs, yesterday she did the funniest thing. We were headed home from dropping Grandma and Grandpa B at the airport (more on that visit in posts to come)...and I decided to stop by the mall to get my favorite frozen coffee drink. When we got there we had to wait in line and there was another Mom with a few kinds in front of us. Morgan spied a girl, a little older than her and she watched her for a little while. The girl was holding her Mom's hand, and she was checking Morgan out too. I put Morgan on the floor and held her hand too so she couldn't get too far. She toddled right over to the little girl. She got herself right in front of her, let go of my hand, leaned in and put her arms out for a hug! Unfortunately the girl had no idea what to do, so Morgan didn't get her hug...but she was so sweet to try! I told her she was a good girl and picked her up for a big hug. Somehow all of this happened without the girl's mom noticing at all. I think she was trying to corral two older boys who were wandering all over the shop.

I'm really curious now to see if she does this with other kids she knows. Her friend Kirsten is a big hugger and I know she'll return the hug with gusto! Too cute!

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Amy Rusalov said...

That's just about the sweetest thing I have heard in a while. :) I can't wait to give Morgan - and all of you a big hug!