Monday, March 23, 2009

Boo Boo says...

A new game unfolded at the dinner table tonight. Morgan was showing us how big she is (raising her hands in the air to illustrate as she often does.) As I went to the fridge to grab more water, I heard Morgan laughing hysterically. When I can back, Mommy also had her hands raised, which Morgan found hilarious. Every time Morgan's arms went up, so did Mommy's, and laughter ensued. Soon Daddy joined in the fun, and the light went on in Morgan..."I can make these saps do anything I want!"

The next round of "Boo Boo says" commenced with Morgan jamming her fist in her mouth, and trying to talk (something she's been doing for quite some time...yet never ceasing to sound really funny. You should try it some time.) Of course, Mom and Dad followed suit. Then a twist when she transitioned to talking fist and blowing kiss in one motion. Sometimes it was a very sweet, quiet "mwah...", followed immediately by an emphatic "MWAH!!" She was obviously testing whether or not Mommy and Daddy were clever enough to keep up with her.

At this point she switched to simple hand clapping (so as not to blow the circuitry of her outmatched competition.) Once satisfied that we'd mastered this brain-buster, she threw down the gauntlet by taking her sippy cup and slamming it against her tray. After careful consideration...Mommy and Daddy threw in the towel and declared Morgan the winner!

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