Monday, October 25, 2010

What's in a Name?

Morgan has caught on to names recently. We used to ask her what her name was and she'd answer "name!" Then one time a few weeks ago she suddenly started saying "Morgan" when we asked her. Yay! She could also tell us our names, Mama and Daddy and Piper.

At school this morning Morgan was delighted to discover a new "friend" in her class, a mouse! She saw it before I did and excitedly exclaimed, "mouse!" and ran over to the glass-enclosed "house" the mouse lives in. I hate to admit it, but the little thing is pretty cute. It was such a busy little thing, scurrying around and eating it's food. I asked one of the teachers what the mouse's name was and she said, "Pinky." I kept telling Morgan this as she checked out the mouse, though she never said it's name herself.

Fast forward to lunch today. As we were finishing up and I was wiping Morgan's face she mentioned the mouse again. I asked her "what is the mouse's name?" I was glad when she answered correctly "Pinky!" Then I pointed to Piper and said "what's her name?" She said "sister, Piper!" Then I pointed to her and said "what's your name?" She said "Morgan!" Then I pointed to myself and said what's my name?" She said happily "Mama...Meg!" Too funny!

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