Thursday, October 7, 2010


Morgan has discovered band-aids!! Fortunately there are no boo-boos involved (or "ouchies" as we call them). That would be confusing to call them "boo-boos" because that's what we call her!

Of course she loves them because they have Dora and Hello Kitty on them. At one point last week she had six of them on, three on each arm! Even with baths she managed to keep them on for several days. Lately she's started to take them off herself, so they don't have much longevity anymore. We've run into problems here and there where she keeps trying to put more on..up to a few times a day. We tell her we need to "save the band-aids for the ouchies." I think she kind of gets it... and tells us every once in a while that the band-aids are "all gone." We just nod our heads and agree with her.

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