Monday, October 18, 2010

Greenbluff Fall Festival 2010

We finally made a trip up to Greenbluff this weekend. This is usually a really fun time of year with the Apple Festival events and pumpkin patches. Unfortunately it didn't go so well this time.

The last few years we went earlier in the season. Well...we learned that going earlier is better because it was so CROWDED! It overwhelmed us as well as the girls. I don't know where the saying comes from, but I hear it a lot lately. This trip was an "Epic Fail."

Everything was overpriced and we had to wait in lines for everything from train rides to food. I've mentioned how much Morgan loves the bouncy houses. After waiting (not very patiently) with Daddy, she finally got in one another little girl fell on her before she even got to jump! We managed to get out of there with a few pictures and a lot of wailing.

Checking out the pumpkins with Daddy

Jumping her way through the patch

Taking a rest

Piper strolling

Is that a good one over there?!

This brought a few smiles. Pumpkin doughnuts. Yum!
Today I got a tip on another farm we can try that is closer and less crowded. Maybe we'll try that one before the season is over.

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Amy Rusalov said...

I want pumpkin donuts!