Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dora Play-Doh

Morgan's favorite new activity is Play-Doh! Gram B. got her a Dora the Explorer set that she just loves. I usually sit down with her and help her roll the dough out and make sure the "cookie cutter" pieces are properly pushed down...but more and more she is doing it by herself.

The Dora set has all kinds of fun stuff in it. Right now I'm just giving Morgan the basics, the dough, roller, cutters and one mold. The additional items in the set are more molds, a whole "forest scene" with backdrop (I have her use the bottom part of the scene with the water and places to put the cut out shapes). We'll get to those eventually, but for now they are a little much.

Morgan knows where to put the shapes when they are cut out. The dough colors are fun, yellow, lavender and a bright blue.

See the blue "Boots" character on the picture of the bridge? That is the one mold I am showing her how to use. This particular time I had some things to do and when I came back to the table she had put the correct amount of dough in the mold and pressed it together all by herself! All I had to do was help her get it out. She was so proud of herself.
We mostly do Play-Doh when Piper is napping. If Piper is awake she wants to play too, unfortunately she just wants to put the dough in her mouth and they fight over all the cutters and other pieces. I try to keep things even. Morgan usually takes a longer afternoon nap than Piper, so I have activities especially for Piper during that time, like coloring and blocks.

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