Friday, October 22, 2010

Naked Girl

My little "smart cookie" is currently in her room, completely naked. She is supposed to be napping.

This has been a common occurrence lately. It started just with her naps and bedtime. As soon as she us put down and we leave the room, she undresses. At night we usually have to wait (a while) until she is mostly asleep before we put her back in her pajamas for the night. Otherwise she will just keep getting naked.

During the day she sometimes decides to strip down and run around. Sometimes, with the weather getting cooler, I get concerned about her being cold, but I figure if that's the case she'll want her clothes back on. Lately I've just let her run around and play, indoors of course. I'm also using it as an opportunity to work on some potty training. I know she won't randomly pee or poop on the floor. If she has to go she heads over to our supply of Pull-Ups and goes to a particular corner of the room to put them on. I always try to tempt her to go on the potty by telling her she'll get a sticker. I don't push it too much, but I want to keep reminding her. Someday she'll take me up on it, right?

The other day, during her "naptime" she attempted to put her clothes back on. Her Pull-Up was on backwards, her pants inside out...but all in all it was a great attempt. She had quite a bit of trouble with the shirt which elicited all sorts of frustrated noises from her room. I finally decided the naptime must be over and helped her get her shirt on. I made sure to praise her for her success with putting on her pants and Pull-Up.

As other things, this phase will pass. I hope. It's really cute right now, but in a few years? Not so much.

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