Friday, May 28, 2010

Piper is 9 Months Old!

Piper is already 9 months old! This past month just FLEW by! She's been doing so much more even in the past two weeks. She's drinking water from a sippy cup, clapping her hands and just this past week she has mastered sitting up from lying down. She's also rocking on her hands and knees and trying to coordinate her limbs to crawl. It's not far away. Way to go Piper!

The closest thing to a smile I could get

Morgan "helping" with her little sister's sign

Then I got a BUNCH of pictures like this. It's kind of a cross between a scowl and a monkey-face similar to what her cousin Makenna used to do.

Here's a sweet look

Here's another scrunched-up face

Now she'll pull off her sock for you...

What's over there? Oooohh, computer paper!

Still working on that smile

Ta da! I'm 9 months old!


Anonymous said...

It seems like she got so big all of a sudden. Can't believe she's 9mo!

siva said...

view mineeee tooo