Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

I had such a GREAT Mother's Day!! David was in full "servant" mode and took such great care of me and the girls all day long. I got to sleep in a little bit (before Piper needed to eat) and then David gave the girls breakfast while I got ready for our brunch outing. We went to Max at the Mirabeau Park hotel which is really close to our house. It's just my kind of a swanky-style restaurant with yummy (non-greasy) breakfast/brunch items.

Please excuse the quality of these photo as they are phone shots...forgot the camera! Piper entertained herself with the spoons. This was after she gagged on a rice puff and threw up all over herself. We were able to clean it up with minimal distraction and any grossing out of the other restaurant patrons.

Look who finally got a haircut?! Isn't it adorable. I added the new style of ponytails. We got quite a few comments on how cute she was/is.

After brunch we went home and put the girls down for naps. Then I got to go shopping downtown!! As much as I love my babies, it's nice to get away and have some adult time. I noticed lots of women shopping on their own as well as husband's tagging along and "trying" to be patient. Good for them!
We capped of the day with a spur of the moment BBQ with our neighbors and their three kiddos! Great fun! I hope I can do as well for David on Father's Day!


Amy Rusalov said...

Love the pigtails! I'm so glad you had a great Mother's day - perfect combination of family time and you time!

Anonymous said...

The pigtails are awesome! Adorable. Glad it was a great day.