Thursday, May 20, 2010

Discovery Playground

We have an awesome new playground across from our YMCA! It is called the "Discovery Playground" and has a TON of wonderful features and attractions. We are so excited to have this close to our home and are sure we will be spending lots of time there this summer.

The Splash Pad

Morgan inching her way in

View of the entrance from the Splash Pad

Swings and Picnic area

Why are my shoes so wet?

Standing in the "safe spot" away from the streams of water
An in-ground trampoline!

Check me out!

Jungle gym and slides

Daddy and Piper

When do I get to play?

There were so many other cool things I didn't get pictures of, but those will be for future trips. Morgan took a second trip to the Splash Pad and got blasted by a stream of water!! She recovered quickly and had a nice snack with Mama, Daddy and Piper in the picnic area. We can't wait to go back!

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That looks so fun!