Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loving Grandma and Grandpa B

Finally able to get my act together to talk about Grandma and Grandpa B's visit. Grandpa B blessed us with so many pretty pictures with his new camera. A nice camera (and a good eye) makes such a huge difference in the quality of the photos. I know you will enjoy these as much as we have.

Unfortunately our visit brought a lot of cold, rain and a little sickness. We toughed it out and had a great visit. Look at this blue-eyed baby:

One of Morgan's regular activities is "feeding" her yellow bear in Piper's high chair. Lately she's taken to feeding Piper a little too. David was holding Piper when Morgan shoved a piece of graham cracker in Piper's mouth. Uh oh! We're working on it...but Piper's not quite ready for that.

Here's another shot of the two girls in the ducky tub. Piper was sitting in it and Morgan climbed right in with her. I think she was squishing her a bit and possibly sitting on her legs, but Piper didn't seem to mind.

Another opportunity to catch the sisters together. This must have been one morning before I got up. I was spoiled by being able to sleep an extra half hour or so. Morgan was trying to hold Piper's hand. Too cute!
Morgan and Grandma did a lot of "drawing lines" together. Morgan is still fascinated with letters and numbers and is always asking us to draw them for her. We decided it was time to get her on the path of doing it herself and "lines" seemed like a logical place to start. She's doing great at it!

Gorgeous black and white shots of Morgan drawing and her sweet ponytail Grandma put in her hair. Piper still loves her jumperoo...and Morgan still loves "Pat the Bunny."

Grandpa planted us a garden...tomatoes, peppers, basil, pumpkins and watermelon!! While the work was going on Morgan played and blew bubbles. Her physical therapist wants her to work on her kicking, so we kicked the blue ball around the yard.

Oh, the bubbles, the BUBBLES! Love how fast the shutter speed is on this camera so Grandpa could get a cool shot like THIS...

It looks sunny, but there was a bit of of chill in the air, thus the hat. I just love the colors in these shots. Also check out the "bubble bucket." We had a few bubble accidents where we lost lots of the bubble "stuff." This little bowl with newspaper kept things much more stable.

We got to conclude our visit with a nice trip to the Old Spaghetti Factory. It's such a kid-friendly place that I didn't worry at all about the girls making a bunch of noise. Morgan especially enjoyed the ice cream she got for dessert. She barely touch her grilled cheese for dinner, but there was not a drop left in that ice cream bowl. Yum!!
Thanks for coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa B. We had a great time!

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Amy Rusalov said...

Amazing! So many wonderful shots. The black and white are wonderful!