Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Piper is 7 Months Old (and a week or so)!

Obviously it is not March 27th, but later is better than never, huh? We had a tough time with these pictures because every time we slipped in the sign she grabbed it. Then getting a smile as well was near impossible. Overall we got some cute ones though. Here's our purple flowerhead girl.

An OK shot with the sign, but a silly expression. You get to see all the sweet faces of our Piper-girl.

Starting to lose the headband here. And about to see the sign and grab for it!

Daddy tried to sneak this one in...no luck!

No sign = happy smiley girl!

Piper is sitting so well all by herself and is able to reach and grab and play without falling down (expect when she gets tired). She is still rolling and pivoting to get to her desired destinations on the floor. We are encouraging crawling, but she's got a lot of baby chub to work on lifting off the ground! She continues to be full of laughs and smiles. All you have to do is make a funny face at her and she will giggle! She also shows her stubborn side more and more often. Take away a favorite toy and you will pay for it. Unfortunately sometimes she gets something she's not supposed to have, like a page of Morgan's coloring book. As soon as it's out of her hand her face crumples and the crying ensues. You "almost" want to give the prohibited item back, but not quite.
She also LOOOOVES her sister. She watches her closely and is trilled when she is acknowledged. Morgan will frequently sit down next to her and give her a "cheek hug." I think the love is mutual. Ahhhh, so sweet.

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