Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You know you're a Mommy of two when...

...in the course of about 30 minutes the following happens:

- Your two year-old tries to "ride" your 7 month old like a horsey
- You discover your two year-old has colored with blue crayon on your couch
- Your 7 month-old spits up on the floor
- While nursing said 7 month-old you detect a certain odor...that leads to the discovery of a HUGE poopy diaper
- While you're wrestling the 7 month-old to change her diaper, your two year-old walks over with the 7 month-old's bottle, takes off the cap and turns it upside down
- While you are cleaning the couch, the 7 month-old gets hold of your (big) water bottle and dumps it all over herself and the floor

Oh the joys of motherhood!! That said, I could kiss and hug these girls all day long!

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