Friday, April 2, 2010

WARNING: Don't ignore the poop

I learned my lesson this morning. This story has to be told, but those of you who are squeamish about any talk of poop... it's best that you stop reading now.

So...Morgan finished her breakfast. I got her out of her booster and she went off to the living room to look at some books. I watched her as I finished feeding Piper her cereal and I could tell (won't list reasons now) that she had pooped in her diaper. This was despite me asking her several times if she needed to poop. Meanwhile Piper's face is turning red and she's tearing up, so apparently she's pooping too. Piper had finished eating so I put her down in the living room and decide that I'll clean up the dishes real quick before I change the dirty diapers.

Big mistake. Soon I hear Morgan doing what I call a "distressed whine" and I look up and she's running towards me. From my vantage in the kitchen I can only see her from the waist up. I notice she no longer has her pajamas on. Huh? She comes around the corner into the kitchen and she is COMPLETELY NAKED. Not only that...she has a handful of POOP! No wonder she's distressed. I grab her other hand, tell her not to touch anything and drag her into the bathroom. There I see her PJ's and her diaper on the floor. I though quickly "what was she thinking?" and then I hurried to get her on a step stool to wash her hand. As soon as her hand is clean she calms down. Then I am able to get her on the changing pad, clean her up and get her in a new diaper. "Whew," I think, "that was crazy, we're done with that." I'm still wondering what compelled her to remove her clothing and the poopy diaper AFTER she had pooped?

Since I have the changing pad out I decide to change Piper's diaper too. Surprise! She had a poopy blowout all over her white onesie...carrots too. Ick!! What a mess! We're all cleaned up now, but I certainly won't be ignoring the poop again.

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