Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Piper's 6 Month Dr. Appt.

Piper had her 6 Month Well Baby Check a few days early. She did so well! No crying or fussing until the shots came, poor thing. Here are her stats:

Length: 26 inches (65 %)
Weight: 17 lbs (75%)
Head Circ.: 16.8 in (57%)

Yes, she had a HUGE weight gain and percentile jump from her 5 month appt. (51 %). The Dr. said he was not concerned. It wasn't too much of a gain and she is still proportional height to weight. Poor thing is two whole inches SHORTER than Morgan was at this point (weight was similar), so she looks a lot chubbier than Morgan did. She's so darn cute though.

She seemed to get every immunization they had, the DPT, HEP B, HIB, Pneumococcal, Polio, Rotavirus and Seasonal Flu. It was interesting that the Dr. did not recommend the H1N1. He said they had not seen a case since December so he thought it wasn't necessary. He did think the seasonal flu could still show up, so we went ahead and did that. So, our sweet baby had to get 4 shots and one oral vaccine (rotavirus). She dealt with it well and calmed pretty quickly once I picked her up.

We'll have 6 Month photos come Saturday. Stay tuned!!!

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