Friday, February 19, 2010

Heard around our house

No, she's not a baby anymore, but Morgan is saying such funny things lately. She is working hard with her speech therapist to move along with her verbal expression. She is saying more and more words and starting to show more comprehension as well. Here are a few funny things she has said/done lately, some without any prompting.

At dinner last night:

David (singing a song from one of her toys): "Hello, the phone is ringing so I say..."

Morgan: "Hello"

David: "Bye bye, when I'm done talking then I say..."

Morgan: "Bye bye"....(not in the song) "Bye, see ya!"

This morning before breakfast:

Meg: "Morgan, it's time for breakfast!!"

Morgan: "Breakfast... doffee (coffee)?"

Meg (not thinking...wanting coffee): "Mmmm, coffee, yes, coffee"

Morgan (stops in her tracks and backs up): "All Done?"

Meg (realizing she's checking to make sure I don't use the coffee grinder...she hates the loud noise): "Oh no, Morgan. No coffee. All done!"

Morgan (happily heading towards the stairs): "All done!"

Meg (kinda bummed I can't make coffee... oh well)


barbara said...

Sounds like our little repeater, as suspected, has been storing knowledge all along. Watch out now!

Anonymous said...

She's doing great! It's so cool to see them make those associations.