Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Sweet Morgan

I had a disconcerting conversation with Morgan's "teacher" yesterday. As I've mentioned, she's been participating in some speech therapy and "special instruction" with a teacher. It had been a few weeks since we'd seen her with Morgan and Piper's colds. During our session yesterday I asked the teacher about whether she thought Morgan would catch up with the other kids her age. I hoped she would say yes, but instead she recommended that we have Morgan evaluated by a child psychologist. Huh?!

She explained that she was concerned about the gap in development levels Morgan has. She shows high levels (3-4 years old) in the fact that she can recognize all letters and numbers, but she functions at levels lower than her age in language and cognitive/emotional areas. She said it was "subtle", but there were some concerns.

I asked her what she though the problem was and she said she "didn't know," but it may have something to do with the way she "processes" information. This frustrated me because someone with her experience must have an idea...I think she didn't want to scare me with putting a name to it.

Truthfully, When you have a child, you want the absolute best for them...of what you can give them as well as hoping they can live the best, most full life. I am so scared that my Morgan will not be able to be fully independent or won't be able to develop friendships, relationships mind goes to the worst places. My poor baby. I just want to fix this for her.

So sad right now. I'm waiting to hear back from the Pediatrican for a referral. Will post more as we learn what might be going on.


Ali Rae said...

Meg and David,

Don't forget how much you are loved and supported by your family and friends. Morgan is the cutest, sweetest girl ever (well, except when she doesn't want Aunt Ali to read to her, ha, she's two and has a baby little sis to compete with now!). If there was something terribly wrong with Morgan, it would have been clear months and months ago. She's going to get the therapy she needs and will be just fine.

Much, much love,

Matt and Lauren said...

I know you do not know me. I stumbled upon your blog but I do not remember how. I love reading about what is going on with you guys. Anyways I have two kids a 27 month old son, John, and a 9 month old daughter, Georgia. John sounds a LOT like your daughter. He knows all of his numbers, the alphabet, his shapes, etc. I have had several people tell me that he is very bright. He is also in speech therapy because he is one year behind in his language development. He has been in speech for 7 months and has grown a lot! He also has some social skills that need some work. He does not interact with his peers well at all. Our speech therapist said that a lot of his other developmental delays were related to his speech. As I have observed him I have seen that this is true. He gets upset VERY easily when we do not understand what he is saying. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Please do not stress too much. I am sure that things will improve as she continues her speech therapy. If you want to email me please feel free-