Sunday, February 14, 2010

I never win things...

...until now!!! Yipppeeee!

We used an AMAZING local photographer to take some family photos when Morgan was about 7 months old. We got some beautiful shots and bought way too many of them, of course.

This past week she ran a contest for a $500 Gift Certificate and I WON!!! I can't believe it! When we did the photos last time I was still working and she's pretty expensive so we haven't been able to use her since. Now we can!

I'm going to talk to her this week to get an idea of dates. She does incredible outdoor photos, so we will probably wait a while until it's warmer. It will be good to wait until Piper is at least sitting on her own too, so we have some time. I can't wait to get some pictures of our newly expanded family!

Here's a link to her website Check out her beautiful portfolio and also see the "blog" link where she announces the winner, ME!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Definitely a prize you'll actually use.