Saturday, February 27, 2010

And now a word from the Pediatrician

I heard from our Pediatrician yesterday. I was impressed that he called me himself. He asked questions about what the Early Intervention (EI) teacher had recommended. Then he told me he doesn't recommend evaluations with a psychologist until kids are three years old. There is so much development that happens before age three as well as the fact that it is difficult to get a clear diagnosis for children this young. I did ask that he talk with the teacher about her thoughts on Morgan and he responded that he would call her early next week.

So, I'm torn on what to do. We'll see what the Dr. says when he calls back next. One side tells me to get an evaluation as early as possible so we can tackle any problems if necessary. The other side agrees with the Dr. that why go through the trouble (and apparently expense) of doing the evaluation when she's too young to be properly diagnosed.

That's all for now. I'll post new info when I have it. Oh, Piper is Six Months Old TODAY. I'll post pictures soon!

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