Thursday, June 2, 2011

Words with Morgan

Out of curiosity, the other day I decided to see if Morgan could recognize any words. She learned her letters so early...but we haven't been looking at books as much lately, so I wondered where she was at with this. We had not played with her magnetic letters in a while and I wanted to give them a new purpose.

I started with "Baby" - Morgan looked and said "Baby." Good, she's been able to recognize that one for a while.

Next, I threw up some animals names, "Dog, Cat, Pig." She named them all correctly. Hmmm. Not too surprising, since she has so many books and toys with animals and their names.

Then I put together "Duck." I can't remember what she said, but it was not duck. It may have started with a "D" though. OK, I thought. She's not really reading, she just recognizes some words.

Then I decided to stop with the animals and try something new. As you can see I added "Fun" to the mix. I'm not sure why I decided to use this, but it was the first simple word that came to mind.

For the record. It's probably not wise to follow the word "Duck" with a word that starts with "F," followed by a "u".  I think you can guess what came out of her mouth....

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