Friday, June 3, 2011

Look who's talking...

Piper has been surprising us with her language lately. Since Morgan developed her language very differently than most kids, we really still don't know what to expect from Piper at this point. She just turned 21 months...and to date she had somewhere from 50-70 words and is starting to use phrases. At this age Morgan still had less than 10-15 words, and didn't start using phrases until well after she was two, probably closer to two and a half.

Now, the phrases Piper uses are ones she hears often. Since Morgan can be somewhat repetitive, it's not surprising that these are phrases she hears a lot. She hasn't yet been able to "generalize" these phrases yet, but I guess that comes later. She does use them in the right context. Phrases we hear often are:

I want down! (While in her high chair, shopping cart or car seat)
I want Mama!
Here you go! (while putting something in our hands)
Here we go! (Backing out of the garage in my car)
What's that? (pointing to a picture or object)
Where's Dada? (or Mama, or Morgan)
Thank You
Oh No!
Oh Wow!
Oh Man! (I think I say this a lot without realizing it)

And she just chatters away all day. Except for these phrases and individual words, it's a bunch of gibberish to us. She has nowhere near the enunciation Morgan has, but Morgan is strangely advanced with this.We figure at some point we'll understand what else she is saying, but for now it's nice to hear her "practicing."

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Anonymous said...

She is doing fabulous!