Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Obviously we've been busy around here. Gram and Grandpa B came for a visit. David and I were able to spend a fun weekend in Seattle sans kiddos. We stayed with some friends and had a great getaway that included the U2 concert at Qwest Field. Awesome! We are already hoping to schedule another Seattle trip for a football game in the fall.

Just a little insight into Morgan's mind lately. Just as soon as Gram and Grandpa showed up she started saying "new toys!" At first I thought she was wanting to show them some new toys she'd gotten since her last visit, but soon it dawned on me that she was asking Gram and Grandpa for new toys! She has learned that when they come, she gets goodies! OK, funny...but a little embarrassing as well. Ultimately, she is right, when they come she gets some presents, but we will have to try to teach her that she cannot ask for new toys.

I was reminded of this today as we drove into the garage after our trip to the gym. Morgan pointed out the box with our artificial Christmas tree. She said "There's my Christmas tree, Gram and Grandpa bring presents!"

Lots more spontaneous language  for Morgan lately. As much as we like our routine, it's good when we have visitors or new activities. This helps Morgan be more flexible and her language skills improve. I am in the midst of signing her up for swim classes and finding a dance/ballet class to try. Even if they don't go well they are good for her development.

More updates on therapy, Piper and other items soon!

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