Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game On

We've finally got dates set to start the RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) program. We will be traveling to the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick and Richland, WA) on Thursday, June 30. We will combine this with a work trip for David and stay overnight. Thursday evening we will have our first session with our consultant and continue with another session on Friday morning that will include a base assessment of where Morgan is at. This will give the consultant the tools she needs to determine where we need to start.

It should be pretty intense. We need to meet with the consultant every two weeks. Hopefully she will be able to come to us once in a while so we don't have to make the drive every time. I think as we get further along in the program we'll be able to do some sessions via skype, so there will be less travel involved. Traveling that often may be difficult with school in the fall, but we'll take it as it comes. Sometimes I get a little annoyed that we don't have a consultant here, but I tell myself not to dwell on it and we're grateful that she's as close as she is.

So far, we're getting into a summer routine. I've been getting myself back to the gym and the girls have been adjusting to going to the gym child care. There are a lot of activities and toys we don't have, so it's fun for them. Piper is still having a little trouble when I drop them off, but today she was fine when I made the pick up. I heard some crying as I approached, but was glad when I realized it was not Piper. Overall it's a good social atmosphere for the girls and really good for my attitude as I know I'm working to get myself healthier and more fit. The endorphins sure help a lot too!

Other days we go on errands in the morning and we're hoping to plan some play-dates. Swim lessons start this Saturday and I'm researching some ballet classes for Morgan, either through the Y or elsewhere.

I think this summer is going to fly by, and that sounds really good.

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dulongfamily said...

Hope your trip is the start of something great.