Monday, May 23, 2011


We are spending A LOT of time outside lately! Maybe not in rain, but warm or cold, these girls especially LOVE to swing on their new swing set. Here's Grandpa and Daddy putting it together, with a little help from both girls! Morgan still says most days while she's swinging, "Grandpa and Daddy build the swing!"

Now we have all kind of activities outside for the girls, the swings, a slide and a sandbox, all courtesy of Grandpa and Gram B, over a few years time. We also have a few bright colored balls they like to throw and kick around and this last week we pulled out the bubbles. Those things are "magic!" It's actually been really nice for us so far this year in that both girls can go from one activity to another without much assistance. We're now free to keep up with watering our tomatoes, trimming bushes and trying to keep up with the crazy weeds.

Once we finish playing in the backyard, the girls like to head into the front yard. They like to visit friends on our block, draw with sidewalk chalk and help water plants. Really, it's hard to get them to come inside when it's time to make dinner, especially Piper. She's going to be an outdoor girl, that one.

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Berri said...

Wonderful pics! Thanks!