Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Week Ahead

We have plans EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week! This is unheard of. It also may become an issue with Morgan's routine...but we shall see. Last night we had our usual "Life Group" meeting from our church. I don't know what I'd do without these people. They are a combination of support, love, laughter and just plain great friends.

Tonight David and I are headed to our first of five training sessions of "More Than Words" aka The Hanen Method, a therapy for autism that will be run by a professor at Washington State University. I think it may be similar to RDI, which we will start in June, but this was offered for FREE! We can't miss that opportunity. It will provide us with 10 hours of instruction/therapy we can work on with Morgan before we start RDI. Apparently this therapy is also quite expensive so we feel fortunate to be able to take part. This is being organized by The Isaac Foundation, the wonderful group who is providing our RDI grant. They are also providing childcare! I hope they make it fun for the girls.Woo hoo!

Wednesday night is a meeting of our local chapter of the Autism Society of Washington. As we build our support base, we look forward to connecting with some people we met at the last meeting.

Thursday night is an end of the year "presentation" for the Central Valley Early Learning Center where Morgan attends her developmental preschool. We've been told that her class will be singing for us. When we first saw this David and I looked at each other and said, "Really?!" We've been asking Morgan for about three weeks what song(s) she's been singing at school and so far she hasn't offered any concrete information. We cannot wait to see what will happen. The video camera will be in use!

Friday night is a Shock game, that I most likely will not attend. That's fine with me as I'm sure we'll all be exhausted by then. It also has an 8:00 pm start time which makes it impossible to bring the girls. Ah well, I will keep track of the score at home and have a little time to myself. Yippee!

Saturday evening is the annual Carnival at the preschool in Liberty Lake. It has a pirate theme and will have all sorts of fun activities for the kids including a cake walk! As a kid I remember winning a cake at something similar in elementary school. I'm making my yummy shortbread to donate. We'll see if we come home with any treats of our own.

I hope to be able to post some updates along the way this week. I've got a bunch of other post ideas lined up, but all I need is the time to do it. Stay tuned.

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