Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orange Butterfly

We went to the end-of-year carnival at Morgan's "typical" preschool yesterday. It was so much fun for both Morgan and Piper! They would have been happy staying in the bouncy house/slide all day long. Piper was the hit of the parents as she was the littlest one to brave the steps and big slide. They were so amazed and just laughed when she just threw herself down the slide with utter joy!

And...Morgan amazed us by agreeing to have her face painted. She saw one of her friends who had a pink butterfly on her face. I asked if she wanted her face painted and she immediately said "yes" and then requested an "orange butterfly." You see, she couldn't tell you this yet, but this kid's favorite color is orange. She always uses the orange crayon first when coloring and loves her orange straw cup. One time at Target she kept requesting orange while looking for a new swimsuit. I did the best I could and found one with some orange in it, but I think she was still disappointed when it wasn't ALL orange. Finding clothing in primarily orange shades is not easy.

Not only was it great that Morgan requested the orange butterfly herself, most notably she sat still for it and let someone actually paint her face! Last summer we tried this at Valley Fest and she completely freaked out when the person came at her with a paintbrush. I think it helped that the person painting her face was someone she'd seen before (an assistant at the school) and she was in a familiar place. She really admired her orange butterfly the rest of the day and was really proud whenever someone mentioned how pretty it was. Obviously it wasn't a professional artist who did the painting, but it was beautiful nonetheless!

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Alexandra said...

I think that means Morgan should have more Giants swag!!!