Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want to spill my milk!

I should have taken her seriously when she said this. She went and did just that.

I think Morgan was missing Gram and Grandpa. They came for a visit and left yesterday. Her routine is all changed up when they arrive and then it changes again when they leave. Its hard for our girl to adjust. I knew it was going to be tough when as soon as she came downstairs she started asking for "Morgan on TV." This is her way of saying she wants to watch home videos. I told her I wanted to watch some news first. Cue first tantrum.

Then I gave Piper some of her eggo... horror of horrors.

Oh and Piper wasn't a peach either. She refused to get in her booster seat and when I decided to put her in it, she mashed up all her cereal pieces in protest, then sprinkled them on the floor.

So, as Morgan was in one of the many tantrums of the morning she ran over to the table and declared "I want my cup! I want to spill it!" I had moved the cup away from it's usually spot since Piper was trying to climb on the table and grab it. I decided to test out the seriousness of her threat and gave her the cup. Sure enough. She turned it upside-down on the table and half of it spilled onto the floor. Time-out ensues. Oh, and she'd already had a time-out earlier for yelling at me because I wouldn't turn on her videos.

It's funny how most kids would think "I'll spill my milk" without actually saying it, so then it's a surprise to the parent when they do it on purpose. I guess until she figures that out I'll have fair warning on her plans for destruction.

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