Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sick House

For almost two weeks we've had sickness in our house. It started with a few days of reports from Morgan's teachers that she "just wasn't herself." Then last Saturday she woke up with a fever and the sickness hit. It took a few days to get the fever out of her system. It wasn't terribly high, but frustrating that it hung on for so long. She's better now, just some residual runny nose and a icky sounding cough.

My pictures loaded backwards and now that I'm not feeling good I don't want to load them again. So there.

See the pic of Morgan at the bottom. Sweet little red cheek hanging with Daddy on the couch. You can see Grandpa B on the other couch. My parents came to visit for a week and got to "enjoy" the worst of Morgan's illness. They still had a nice time. There was lots of playing with new activities indoors. They enjoyed their new "lacing" toy, activity books and lots of coloring.

Piper's sickness hit the day after Grandpa and Gram left when she woke up with a fever. Here's another sweet, sad little face with her smoothie and BOTH her loveys. I don't think she let go of the loveys from the time she woke up until the tylenol started kicking in. Luckily her fever hasn't hung on as long and she's already feeling better. Just that same, nasty sounding cough though.

We are thankful there are no stomach bugs this time. That is the worst. Off to recuperate some more! Only David hasn't caught this bug yet. Knock on wood!

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