Monday, March 21, 2011

I did it!

This is what Morgan says when she sees anything newly deposited in her little potty. She is VERY proud of herself. She has been doing so well the past few days with her #1's, I decided to test her on the big #2, the deuce, the poop.

Usually Morgan goes to her "quiet time" around 1:30 pm. Piper naps and Morgan can play, sleep, whatever she her bedroom. Usually she wears a pull-up. And as usual, she saves her #2's for that time.

Today I kept her downstairs with me. As I expected, she was holding in a poopie. She'd ask for a pull-up, I'd say "no, go in the potty." She danced around all afternoon. She'd go sit on the potty, and apparently get an inkling something might happen...then she'd whine and make a scared sound and run out of the bathroom again. This went on from about 1:30-4:30 pm. Poor thing must have been so miserable, but this is how it worked with the pee too. We kept at it.

I kept the TV off, played some music, we played with her toys and colored. She managed to pee several times (and thus collect her M&Ms) without the #2. When she finally asked to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, I said she had to poop on the potty first. This kid NEEDS incentive and positive reinforcement. Over and over I said "you can do it Morgan!" She did the run in-sit down-whine-run out routine a bunch more times. I'd go in with her most of the time to encourage her.

Then I changed my strategy. She went in and I decided to leave her in there alone. With pooping, there must be some privacy, right? She usually saves it for her quiet time. I checked on her once (she couldn't see me) and she was quietly sitting there. So I left her alone for a while. Then the next time I checked I couldn't see her on the potty so I went in. She was standing next to the potty. She saw me and pointed at the potty. Then she said "I did it!" as usual...then she said "I pooped!" Sure enough, she did! We clapped and high-fived and hugged. I love that proud look on her face! After cleaning up and washing her hands, she asked for her M&Ms. As soon as she had those in hand she said "Yo Gabba Gabba!" I happily obliged her.

I think I've landed in an alternate reality. Less than a week ago she had no interest in the potty and today she did #1 AND #2! I've had all sorts of worries about whether she'd be able to potty train at all with her autism...but she's proving to me that no worries are needed. Go sweet girl!

Oh, we did have one accident today. We made a quick trip to the store and I decided to keep Morgan in her panties. She stayed dry the whole time. I kept asking her if she had to go and she said no. We got home and I got her out of her car seat. Still dry...but somewhere between the car and the house something happened. She came in the door and said simply, "I need new pants." Oops. She wasn't horribly wet and she went right to the bathroom and left more in the potty. Hmmm. I'd say we're doing great, wouldn't you?

We have another big test at school tomorrow! She hasn't been for so long since she's been so sick. Cross your fingers!


barbara said...

A well written commentary on a delicate situation. Way to go Morgan.

Anonymous said...

She's on a roll! Way to go Morgan :)