Saturday, March 19, 2011


With potty training! For weeks Morgan would suddenly decide to take off her pants and pull-up and go sit on the potty. Nothing would happen. From the state of the pull-up I think she had just gone, but had not connected that she had to sit on the potty before she peed in it.

A few times last week I would just let her run around naked for a while. She would hold her pee and eventually for nap or bedtime she would just wait to go in the pull-up. Last night I was determined to see what she would do if she got desperate. When she has to go she asks for her pull-up, or as we call it Princess Pants (as there are Disney Princesses on them). I simply said no when she asked. She got a little nutty, running around and whining and asking for her pants. Eventually (and oddly always in the same spot) she would get to a point where she couldn't hold it any more and she would just start peeing. Then we had to run her to the potty to try to "catch" some of the pee in the bowl. When she did this we would clap and cheer! She looked so proud of herself and she said "I did it!!" We were able to do this twice before bedtime. Each time she also got a sticker and some M&Ms.

This morning I slept in (got Morgan and Piper's sickness, ugh). When I got up Morgan was, again, without a pull-up or panties. David doesn't like the naked butt running around, but I told him he'd have to deal with it for now. She said she had to go and I went in the bathroom with her. This time I told her, Morgan, just push out the pee, relax and let it out. To my surprise I heard a tinkling sound, then a whoosh...she did it! The look on her face was priceless! She stood up and looked in the potty and said "I did my pee pee!!" Then she added to it and said "Look at the beautiful pee pee!" (The last few days she's been very into calling things pretty or beautiful. She even called a picture of an ugly gorilla..."the beautiful monkey.") Anyway, it was hilarious! I agreed that it was beautiful pee pee. :-)

Today she peed in the potty all day, except for nap time. I also made sure to offer her lots of liquids so we'd have more opportunities for success. We're working on just pee right now. I didn't expect her to poop in the potty and sure enough, she waited for the pull-up. That's just fine. Oh, and she was all about the M&Ms. Several times she said she had to go, ran in the bathroom for a few seconds then came out and said she "did her pee pee and want M&Ms." I went and pee pee. She was very ticked that she didn't get her M&Ms.

We are thrilled with this progress and hope it continues tomorrow. There may be setbacks and other issues, but I'm shocked we've come this far as quickly as we have. Go Morgan!! What a big girl you are!


Anonymous said...

Well done!!! I'm hoping we aren't too far behind with Z.

Berri said...

Laughed out loud! Congrats!