Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"No singing!"

This command has been directed at me lately. Morgan LOVES the CDs of kid's songs we have at home and in the car. She requests them at home especially at mealtimes. Even when she's done eating she camp out near the CD play to listen and sometimes sing along..."peanut, peanut butter...jelly!"

I've heard these CDs so much that I know all the songs too. Sometimes I sing them loud and silly to amuse Morgan and Piper and sometimes I even find myself even unconsciously singing along. The last few days Morgan has been starting to protest my singing. I think she likes to listen closely to some of the songs so she can learn the words. Sometimes she sings along too. Today I started singing in a silly way to one song and she busted out with:

"No singing the songs Mama!"

Then I tried again:

"No singing, no singing!!!"


"No Mama!!!!"

I giggled a little and let her be. She has her moods. She used to say "Mama and Daddy sing too!" to get us to join in. This is new with the "no singing!" What's next?!

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