Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jump and Bounce

This is Morgan's favorite place in the whole world (so far)! Please excuse my iPhone images, but I forgot to bring the camera...you get the idea though.

Jump and Bounce is an indoor play area with a ton of inflatable slides, castles and bouncy houses. It is the best place to get these kids' energy out in the winter time. Whenever they have "open bounce" hours we jump on it. This may be a future birthday party site too. Such fun!

These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but we happened to go again last night with Gram and Grandpa B. I've never seen Morgan get ready to go somewhere so fast. She went and got her own coat and put her shoes on all by herself. Unheard of!!

Heading up the steps to the slide, again. Some of the more agile kids would squeeze by her, but she did seem to mind at all.

Woosh! You can't see it here, but she always comes down the slides with a HUGE grin on her face. It's such a thrill for her!

Piper loves throwing the balls. This one has basketball hoops...it's so cute that she tries to throw it, though she's no where near the hoop. Our friend Sasha and her kids Ian, Micah and Annalie came too. That's Sasha and Annie on the right.

So blurry, but here's Daddy and Piper coming down the slide. Last night she just kept saying (and signing) "more, more, more!" She loves it too!!

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Anonymous said...

My kids love these places too! How fun :)