Monday, January 3, 2011

Just some stuff

Just wanted to include a post today with some interesting Morgan-isms and Piper-doings as of late.

I walked in the door from doing some errands the other night and David was helping Morgan in the bathroom with a poopy pull-up. I heard him start laughing and he said "Quick! Come here!" I hurried to the bathroom and saw Piper "helping" Daddy by taking a wipe from the package and gently wiping Morgan's tush. What a clever, observant girl!

Morgan has had a few language bursts lately. We were riding home from our outing to the Play Place at the mall and Morgan said "Piper got an ouchie!" (We call any sort of bumps, scrapes or bruises "ouchies" as we tend to call Morgan "boo-boo" as a nickname.) I looked back at Piper and didn't see anything ouchie-ish so I asked Morgan, "Where is the ouchie?" She pointed at Piper and said very simply "on her face." Piper's cheeks were somewhat red from being outside in the cold, so I think that was what she was talking about. David suddenly said, "I think we just had a sort-of conversation" ...then we both got teary.

The way Morgan talks is not really in a "natural" tone of speaking. She tends to emphasize the wrong syllables or words. It was surprising that the way she said "on her face" was so matter-of-fact and natural. Hmmm. Maybe she's working things out somehow.

Morgan also has busted out with "okay" instead of "yes" sometimes (she is saying "yes" more and more). And about half the time she not only says "okay" she says "okay, honey!" This is still in that odd tone of voice, a little affected, so it comes out sounding really funny. The other day when I asked her if she wanted some milk she said "okay honey Mama!" I'm not sure if I'm the one who calls her honey... I wasn't aware I said that, but I must.

As Morgan was back at her "typical" preschool today I told the director and one of her teachers about her diagnosis. This particular teacher has a child with special needs as well, so she's been very helpful to me and encouraging with Morgan. I was relieved that they were very supportive and had a lot of questions for me as well. I'm so glad they are open to having a not-so-typical kid in their school. There are a lot of options for us for school for Morgan next year, but if we want to stay with this school a few days a week they gave some good suggestions on what might be best for her, possibly staying in a class with this teacher who knows her needs best. I was also relieved to hear that there were some 3-4 year olds in the class above Morgan's that still wore pull-ups to school. Hopefully we'll have made some progress in that area before next September, but if not, it's good to know that it won't be an obstacle for her attending the school next year. Whew!

I must have more for Piper...she's just turning into a sweet, funny little girl. We still tend to call her "baby" all the time and we're not sure when/if that will stop. It's so funny to see her walking from room to room of the house. She's getting more agile and able to carry things with her. She can get herself standing up from the middle of the floor now without having to pull up on anything. She can also reach down, pick up a toy and stand back up again. Good girl! She's also adding some more words, what I'm pretty sure is "bath" (without the "th"), ball (ba) and apple (a-puh). Keep them coming little one! She's very much a Mama's girl and doesn't let me get too far away in new places. I love her sweet hugs and the way she puts her head on my shoulder.

Lastly, bedtimes are a BIG challenge in our house lately. Piper has decided that she does not wish to adhere to the routine anymore. When I was nursing her it was bath, jammies, book, nurse and in bed. Then the nursing was replaced by some rocking and I would sing her a song. In the last two weeks she's decided instead of a book and a song she wants to walk in and out of Morgan's and her own room, sometimes observing Daddy reading Morgan a book. She wants nothing to do with actually going to bed. Morgan will do her routine fairly well, but when it comes to going into bed and saying prayers with Daddy, she wants none of it. The last few days we've had to deposit both of them in their beds, close their doors and listen to them yell. Ugh. We hope it's a phase.

Gram and Grandpa B are arriving on Thursday for a week! Yippee!

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