Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Testing Testing

By several people's request, Morgan has been in the process of some "re-testing" with her Early Intervention therapists the last few weeks. She has been in the program a little over six months, so she is due for a progress report. Here are a few of the details we have so far:

Receptive Language
Morgan tested appropriate for her age on this part of the language evaluation! The therapist also said the score can be used also in figuring IQ (which she has not been tested for) and it put her right in the average range. That great news! Next week she'll test her for "expressive language." I'll admit I'm a little nervous about this. Morgan knows a lot of words, but will she say them when put on the spot? We'll see...

Social and Emotional
She also tested age appropriate in this area as well! This is exactly what the therapist said, but then she said she tested a little behind in the social area, but not as far behind as she was before. I figure she tested ahead in some areas (letters, numbers, etc.) and that helped her average out. As far as the social area is concerned the therapist suggested we get her in a preschool setting at least three days a week. We won't know for a while whether Morgan qualifies for the School District developmental preschool, but if not we may need to find another "regular" school that will allow her to attend more often. The current school we have her registered for is only one day per week. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Children First Developmental Preschool (ages o-3)
Currently there is not any space in the Children First program we visited a few weeks ago. Their regular school year just ended so they will see if spaces open up during the summer and will let us know.

More on the School District preschool (to start at age three)...her therapists agree that she'll probably be the "model" student, possibly more advanced than many of the kids. If that is the case David and I may decide to forgo this school and put her in a "regular" school. We feel that we want Morgan to be challenged and she may not get that at the developmental school. We've also been advised of this by our friend/neighbor who is a pediatric nurse practitioner. We greatly value her opinion in this area. I'm sure there will be much more discussion on this moving forward.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Morgan will be re-tested in this area this week.


Amy Rusalov said...

That's great news!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear! Way to go Morgan!