Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Dear Friends

As mentioned in the previous post, we had some dear friends, the Chen's, come for a visit this last weekend. They were in town for a wedding and we jumped at the chance to have them stay with us for the weekend. Their 18 month-old little girl, Leilani, is so precious and sweet. We loved seeing her interact with our girls.

I have known Kathy since Jr. High School. Can you believe we were cheerleaders together in the 8th grade? She is such a wonderful friend and I have loved keeping in touch with her over the years. It hasn't been easy, but we've managed somehow. Kathy and I also went to church together in San Francisco in our twenties and early thirties. David and I were introduced by mutual friends who were involved with Golden Gate Community Church and Kathy and Pete met while attending there too. Great memories.

We had a lovely time catching up and were even able to visit with the Tait's, another old "Golden Gate" family who now live in Spokane too. Here's a few pictures from our wonderful brunch at the Tait home.

Loving catching up, Danell, David, Pete and Time (Piper too, of course)

Leilani and Morgan hanging out

The Tait Family
Danell, Jeremy, Colin, Clive and Tim

The Chen Family
Pete, Leilani and Kathy

The Allendorf Family
Piper, Meg, David and Morgan

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