Thursday, December 3, 2009

Potty Meltdown

So...I broke down and bought an actual potty chair. David did not want to do this as he hates the idea of having to clean out the cup they pee/poop in. I was over at a friend's house the other day for a play date and they have a really cute one for their little girl. I also noticed that the seat on the potty chair detached from the chair and attached very securely to the "big" potty. The potty seat we currently have is not very secure and every time I put Morgan on it I'm afraid she will slide off. I also thought maybe she'd be more comfortable on a chair her size.

I pulled it out of the box after Morgan's nap and she was instantly fascinated. No, she was not interested in peeing or pooping in it, she became obsessed with the music...yes, music. The little "pink princess" potty chair plays "royal" tunes when the child pees in it. I figured out that you can just touch the sensors and it will play the music. Big mistake. Morgan kept trying to get the music to play on her own and couldn't figure it out. She kept wanting me to do it and when I got tired of it and tried to put it away she had the most MAJOR meltdown yet. Then Piper started screaming. I really think both of them screamed for about 15 minutes. I finally put the potty chair in the bathroom and closed the door.

Morgan kept running around upstairs, crying, trying to find it. I put her on my lap and sangs some songs, still crying. Had her do the ABCs, worked for a minute, then she started bawling again. I finally got her calmed down, then went to feed Piper (to get her to stop screaming). There were random bursts of tears throughout the evening. They both conked out about 8:15 pm, exhausted. Morgan must have worked up an appetite too. She cleaned her plate of macaroni and cheese, peas and carrots, and asked for more...twice! In the midst of the tantrum she didn't get her usual snack. If that results in her actually eating her dinner, I might hesitate on the snacks more.

Before her bath I put Morgan on the potty chair to try it out. She did not want to sit on it. Looks like we've got a long way to go...

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Berri said...

David S. wants to know if the potty plays "Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star" ;)