Friday, December 18, 2009

Morgan's 2-year Pedi Appointment

Yesterday Morgan had her 2-year Dr. appointment. We had to go to a new pediatrician (darn insurance), so we didn't know what to expect.

It went pretty well. Morgan weighed in at 29 lbs. (74th percentile) and 35 inches (78th percentile), so she's still pretty tall for her age, but thinning out overall. I heard someone say once that if you double their height at age two, that how tall they will be as an adult. If I'm calculating it right, she'll be 5'10"! That's way taller than me.

She was a trooper through the appointment. She fussed a bunch during the exam and, of course, wailed through some vaccinations, but she calmed down pretty quickly. I think that's pretty typical for 2-year olds though. The Dr. thought it would be good for us to get her evaluated by Early Intervention for her speech. He did not seem worried about it at this point, but he didn't think if would hurt since we already had it set up (next week). Our old pediatrician seemed more concerned about it. Huh? Well, we'll see how it goes.

I think that's about it. We have Piper's 4 month appointment on the 29th, so we'll be back there really soon.

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