Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet sister

I finally had a few minutes to check some things on the computer just now. I'm reading some blogs and suddenly noticed that Morgan is standing next to Piper who is sleeping in the swing. This makes me nervous because she likes to "help" push the swing...usually pretty hard and with jerky motions. Sure enough, she is "helping" push her in the swing, but gently this time, and gazing at her sweetly. Then I see her pick up the binky that has fallen out of Piper's mouth. She looks at it, then at Piper and tries to shove it back in Piper's mouth. So sweet, but funny too. Piper shakes her head back and forth a little, but stays asleep. Morgan gives up and moves on to her phonics toy. Then she comes back again and tries to shove her finger into Piper's mouth. Then she jumps up and down holding onto the swing...may it's time for Piper to wake up, but hopefully not as she falls out of the swing due to the crazy convulsions of her big sister.

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