Thursday, October 29, 2009

Piper's Two Month Well Baby Check

We had Piper's Two Month Dr. Appointment on Wednesday. She did well! Here are her stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 1 oz
Length: 22 3/4 in
Head Circ: 38.5 cm

Her weight and length put her right in between the 25th and 50 percentiles. So we've got a peanut this time! She was bigger than Morgan when she was born, but is gaining weight at a slower rate. The Dr. said that each baby develops differently and this is her pattern vs. Morgan's. Everything else checked out nicely and like Morgan did, she "performed" well when showing how high she could lift her head while on her tummy. I was curious what she'd do because I haven't been very diligent with "tummy time" with her. We'll be working on that.

She's doing well on the Zantac we've had her on. The "colic" has definitely improved, either due to the medicine (for reflux) or just because she's 9 weeks old now. She's passed the fussy peak (around 6-7 weeks), so things are looking better all the time. We'll keep her on the medication for now.

She's smiling and making cute baby noises (oohs and ahhs) now. This is the best part, seeing their personality come out. She's not just a floppy, red-faced newborn anymore. She's also spending a lot more time just hanging out instead of yelling whenever she's not eating or sleeping. Whew!

On a final note, we all got our flu shots on Tuesday (except for Piper since she's less than 6 months old...she'll be protected as long as I'm nursing, so I'm soldiering on as long as the supply holds out). We're hoping to get some appointments for the H1N1 vaccine for the weekend of the 7th. Then we should be set for the winter.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. Morgan cooperated so well, but Piper...not so much. Once she started yelling there was no stopping her. The photo shoot was done. Kind of funny though.

I like my little sister...but if she would just stop yelling...


Ali Rae said...

Is Morgan sticking her fingers up her nose in one of the photos? Hee. The one after that makes me laugh too! Morgan looks so exasperated.


Amy Rusalov said...