Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Many Faces of Piper

We took some similar pictures of Morgan about this age (six weeks), so I thought I'd try to get some of Piper. She's showing more expression now. We think we've already had some real smiles too! Note, again we are using a damaged camera. The viewfinder is not the best way to frame a photo as you'll see that I've chopped off the top of her head in most of these photos. Oh well, I'll work on that. We've ordered a new camera using some reward points, but it will take a few weeks to get here (why? I don't know) help is on the way!

Hi guys. What's up?

Uh Oh! Here come's that silly sister again!

Arent' I cute?!

Another open mouth "smile"

Not a great photo, but you can see the top of her head!

Mommy and Daddy see a lot of this face...yes, I am bright red too.

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