Friday, October 9, 2009


I am feeling better. Thank goodness. It was the medication I was on that caused the sudden anxiety increase and luckily it dissipated within a few days once I switched to a different one. I still have a lower level of stress and anxiety at times, but nowhere near the level of awfulness I was feeling. I still consider myself to have some post-partum depression, but we've got it under control now. Phew.

Thanks to everyone who left an encouraging comment or sent an email. It really helps to know my family and friends are pulling for me/us. I'm also so glad to know people are following our blog. It makes it that much more fun to add updates and pictures. I love reading others' blogs, so it's nice to know ours is read too.

Here's the latest...we think maybe Piper has some reflux going on. I went to my 6 week follow-up at the OB and took Piper with me. She had a full-on screaming attack when we got there. They were very patient and let me feed her and calm her down before my appointment. The Dr. mentioned that one of his daughters had what is called "silent" reflux, which does not manifest with lots of spitting up. I'd wondered about this before, but the nurse at our pediatrician's office kept telling me that if she didn't spit up, it wasn't reflux. So...we took Piper in to see the Dr. today and we started her on some Zantac. If it truly is reflux that is bothering her (besides the "colic" diagnosis), we should see a difference in her behavior within 3-4 days. I've wondered, is it bad for me to "want" my child to have a problem like reflux?! I guess its just because if she does, there is a treatment for it. If it really is just "colic" we still have 6-7 more weeks of dealing with it. We are at the 6 week mark which with all babies is the "fussy peak," so hopefully this is the worst of it and then we'll be on the downswing. Part of me hopes it is reflux, so we can have some relief sooner, but as with Morgan...if it is colic we will endure and come out the other side OK.

I've got some pictures to download from the camera. I'm so behind on this! Piper is getting so big already. I'll do my best to post some new ones of her and also Morgan's silliness soon.

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