Saturday, August 8, 2009

37 Week Dr. Appointment

On Thursday morning I had my 37 week appointment. Even with Morgan in tow it went well. I was wondering if my blood pressure would be up since I was concerned she would have a meltdown while I was being examined, but she was a trooper. I think it helped that the Dr. was super sweet to her when he came in, so she thought he must be an OK guy. Last time she got a little upset when he was checking the baby's position by palpitating my belly. I think she thought he was hurting me. I also came armed with snacks this time, so she might have been a little distracted too.

We have some "progress!" I am 60% effaced (shortening of cervix) and 1 cm dilated. Now those additional aches and a little more "waddling" make sense. This really means nothing on timing though. I can stay at the same place for weeks and not progress, or things could happen quickly. I'm torn on this though. I've basically told my body that it needs to wait until I'm at least 39 weeks 4 days. That's when my doula is back from vacation. We'll have a backup plan for when she's gone, but of course I'd rather it be her that someone I don't know. We'll see if my body obliges. The Dr. said he expected to see me at my appt. next week, but after that...who knows?! Morgan was born at 38 weeks 3 days and I was "ready." Since I'm feeling physically better this time around I think I will be fine if I make it to my due date or later.

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